Even with the utmost care, sometimes things can still go wrong when parking a car in residential or commercial areas. The way to minimize parking accidents and ensure your car is safe when parking is to engage in safety best practices, such as choosing a safe parking spot and using a valet service with a good reputation

But let’s be honest, handing your beloved car to a stranger can be worrisome. How can you ensure your vehicle is safe when parking using a valet service? Find the answers below. 


1. Choose a Reputable Valet Service 

Ensure Your Car Is Safe When Parking

Handling someone else’s car is a huge responsibility because it’s one of the most valuable possessions that you can own. Therefore, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. When choosing a valet service, it is important to do your research and know the brand. 

Do your due diligence by researching the company to ensure it has what it takes to look after your car. Go online and check their website and social media accounts to see ratings and testimonials from past clients. This information will give you a better idea of their service quality. 

By selecting a valet service with a good track record, you can relax and enjoy the occasion you’re attending with peace of mind. 


2. Remove Valuables

This second tip to ensure your car is safe when parking may seem like a no-brainer is still essential to remember. Always bring your valuables with you, rather than leaving them in the car. You never know when an unfortunate event may occur, and leaving valuables in plain sight can make your vehicle a target for theft. 

Remember that desperate times call for desperate measures. Even the most secure area can become a target for thieves. While valet service does its best to ensure your car’s safety, doing your part by keeping your valuables out of sight will significantly help reduce the likelihood of incidents. 


3. Know Your Car

Ensure Your Car Is Safe When Parking

It’s easy to overlook minor damages like scratches on our cars, and we may only remember or pay attention to them after someone else uses the vehicle. To avoid any misunderstanding and conflict, it’s essential to take note of any damages your car has when handing the key to a valet service operator. 

Taking a photo or video of your car’s condition is also an excellent idea. This will provide a record of your car’s condition and serve as proof if there are any damage issues when you retrieve your vehicle.


4. Communicate With the Valet Service 

Effective communication is crucial in the world of valet parking. By communicating your expectations and preferences, you can ensure your car is handled with the utmost care. 

If you have any preferences, such as where your car will be parked in the building, be sure to let the operator know. This will help them understand your expectations and ensure your car is handled accordingly. The valet service will do its best to accommodate any preferences whenever possible. 


Ensure Your Car Is Safe When Parking5. Follow the Valet System

While customer preferences are important, remember that valet services have systems to ensure a smooth process, safety, and convenience for all users. It is always important to follow the system to avoid confusion or your car being mixed up. 

If you’re a regular user of valet service, you may already be familiar with the basic process. However, if you’re new to using valet service, we advise you to take some time to get accustomed to how valet service works

Additionally, valet services may occasionally update their procedures to improve their service, so staying informed is essential.


6. Be Kind and Build a Relationship With Your Valet Service Member 

In any industry, the quality of the relationship we harness with others can go a long way in terms of success and satisfaction. When you provide kindness and respect, you’ll create a positive environment, leading to better outcomes for everyone involved.  

A good relationship between clients and valet operators can bring many benefits, such as better communication, prevention of misunderstandings, and better problem-solving if any issues arise with your car. 


Ensure Your Car Is Safe When Parking7. Always Tip Appropriately 

How much should you tip? When do you tip? This confusion can create a hassle for people, and we understand that. How do you tip a valet service member? 

There are a few things to consider here. First is the location. For example, if you’re using a valet service at, let’s say, a five-star hotel, your tip is expected to be higher than in places like a mall. Secondly, the quality of service. Was it up to expectations? Were you satisfied with the service? On average, the appropriate tip is about $2 – $5, but if the service is beyond expectations, a $10 tip is acceptable. 


End Note

Ensuring your car is safe when parking is of utmost importance to valet service operators. They take all necessary steps to guarantee that your vehicle is secure while you’re away. However, car owners also play a vital role in safeguarding their cars when using valet parking services. 

To enhance the safety of your car, it is crucial to choose a reputable valet service, establish good communication, follow the correct valet procedures, and don’t leave any valuables inside your car. By following these guidelines, you can relax and enjoy your event, knowing that your car is in capable hands.

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