The parking valet industry has been around for close to a century. But over time, the industry has evolved. Today’s valets are no longer just driving around cars and opening doors; they’re using technology to make your experience with them more seamless than ever before. Here are some of the 3 valet service trends we predict for 2023 and beyond. 

Valet Service Trends For 2023

3 Valet Service Trends: Tablets1. Tabletop tablets

Tabletop tablets are becoming increasingly popular in the valet parking industry. As a result, the way valet parking operations are managed is changing.

Tablet devices are easy to use and learn. They also allow the user to do a variety of tasks: order food, take photos at an event, check in guests at the hotel door, create reservations or payment options for customers on-the-spot—the list goes on! 

3 Valet Service Trends: Touchless Payment

2. Touchless payment and order

Following the use of tablets is an increasing demand for touchless payment and order. Particularly since COVID, more people are opting for ‘touch-free’ options of engaging with businesses. Instead of waiting for a parking ticket or exchanging cash, everything can be done on their mobile device – speeding up wait times and efficiency!


3. Texting alerts

As everything becomes more seamless, so will communication with your valet parking assistant. More customers are opting for text alerts, so they can let their valet know when they want to collect their vehicle. They make an excellent communication tool so that everyone is kept in the loop.

3 Valet Service Trends: Text Message Notifications


The parking valet industry, which was once considered a genteel profession, is now a tech-driven industry. Parking valets are moving away from the old-school paper ticket system and into an electronic age where all of your information is stored in one place. These innovations will not only help parking valets be more efficient but also enhance the experience for drivers who use their services. We’re excited about what’s ahead for this industry as technology continues to evolve!

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