Valet parking has become a widely available service in the U.S. for good reasons. It’s a great option to have as it provides convenience and safety. With valet service, you no longer have to hassle to find parking and compete with others over a spot. Professional valet service members will also look out after your car while you’re away, ensuring it’s safe and sound.  

If you’re still new to valet service, below are some helpful do’s and don’ts to follow to help make your valet experience more pleasant. 

Valet Parking Do’s & Don’ts

5 Valet Parking Dos & Don’ts Do Be Kind To Your Valet Service Members 

Valet service members work hard to care for your beloved car and do their best to meet your preferences and expectations. 

Showing kindness towards them serves as a recognition for their efforts and fosters a relationship built on trust. This rapport brings advantages for both parties, including creating a positive experience and boosting motivation for valet attendants to deliver exceptional customer service. 

Warm greetings, clear communications, and tipping are some ways that’ll be much appreciated by valet service members. 


Don’t Accept Less Than Quality Service 

Your car is valuable and should be treated as such. When you entrust your keys to a valet service, you are placing your trust in someone else’s hands. Therefore, it’s crucial that you choose a reputable valet service company

Make sure you do some research about the valet operators before making a decision on valet operators. Due diligence is a must in the world of valet services, as it can determine the safety of your vehicle. 


Do Remove Your Valuables 

Always remember to bring your valuables with you.  

Leaving your valuables in plain sight can attract unwanted attention and make your car a target for theft. Although valet service attendants take all necessary steps to prevent incidents, doing your part in keeping your belongings is extremely helpful in ensuring your car is safe when parking. 


man in red car getting parking voucherDon’t Forget Your Ticket 

When using a valet service, you’ll be given a ticket that you’ll use to retrieve your car later. While it’s possible to still claim your vehicle without the ticket, losing it can lead to delays and frustration for both you and fellow customers.  

We strive to provide you with a smooth and seamless process from beginning to end. So please help us achieve that by not forgetting your ticket. 

We recommend storing your ticket in a safe place, and somewhere you won’t forget, such as inside your wallet with your ID. Following this simple valet etiquette can help maintain an efficient process and minimize any disruption. 


Don’t Worry- We Are Professionals!

Now that you know all the valet parking do’s and don’ts when using a valet service, it’s time to look for your trusted valet service company! 

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