Valet parking has an interesting history and is a service now accessible by many around the globe. What was once reserved for the rich or famous is now something that can be used at events, parties, work functions, and more. 

Where the word ‘valet’ comes from

The concept of the valet has been around for centuries, and actually predates the motor vehicle itself! The word ‘valet’ dates back to the 14th century and originally meant ‘personal-man-servant’. This meaning is still relevant, although now when people think of valets, they normally associate it with parking or cleaning cars.


The father of valet parking 

Herb Citrin, aka ‘The Father of Valet Parking’ or ‘Mr. Valet’ has been noted as the originator of valet parking services as we know them today. He started his Los Angeles valet parking business back in 1946 and was very successful in bringing professionalism to the service. He wore a red jacket with a bowtie and charmed a lot of his patrons. What started out as valet parking for restaurants, soon grew to office buildings, department stores, airports, the Golden Globes, and other major Hollywood events. 


The popularity of valet parking today

People love using valet parking services, now more than ever. In fact, over 67% of all Americans use valet services. There are so many reasons people choose valet services (like those provided by Pittsburgh Valet), including:


  • Saves time
    Finding available parks can be time-consuming and stressful, so leaving it to a valet attendant means you’ll have spare time, and be able to get to your destination calmly.
  • Provides security
    Theft or damage in parking lots is pretty common, however, parking valets insure that your vehicle is safe and secure
  • Status
    While valet parking has become a lot more accessible than it was historically, it still holds the element of status or wealth. By using a valet service, you’re definitely boosting your status!
  • Convenience Above all else, valet parking is just the most convenient way to park. You don’t really need to worry about anything apart from finding the entrance to your destination.


Here at Pittsburgh Valet, we’re glad to have been serving our community for over 20 years. Valet parking has improved tremendously since its inception, and we can’t wait to see what the next 20 years will bring.