Yinz know how it is, navigating the busy streets of Pittsburgh can be a real hassle when it comes to finding a parking spot. That’s where valet parking comes in handy. Valet parking allows Pittsburgh drivers to sit back, relax, and let the pros handle the parking. 

What you might not realize is that valet parking is more than just a convenience – it’s an art form. Professional valet drivers have the skills to parallel park like a boss, maneuver in reverse like a pro, and park cars in a jiffy, all while keeping your ride safe and sound. We’ll take a closer look at what makes valet parking in Pittsburgh one of a kind, the different types of parking styles, and how to master them. However, if you insist on parking in the city here are a few tips from professionals on learning to how to park like a pro in Pittsburgh. 


Learn To Park Like A Pro In Pittsburgh:

Parallel Parking

How To Park Like A Pro In Pittsburgh : Parallel Parking

Alright, buckle up! When learning how to park like a pro in Pittsburgh, you must master the art of parallel parking. This tool will make you agile and help you park anywhere in the city. 

When you set your sights on a good parking spot, first start by signaling and get ready to make your move. Pull up alongside the car parked in front of the space, then turn your wheels to the right and start to back up at an angle. Keep backing up until your car is at a 45-degree angle, then turn your wheels to the left and back up slowly until you’re in position. Voila! 

You may need to make minor adjustments to get the car to perfectly match up, but for the most part, the whole park job is reliant on that perfect angle you are coming in from.


Perpendicular Parking

How To Park Like A Pro In Pittsburgh: Perpendicular Parking

This type of parking isn’t a necessity of knowing how to park like a pro in Pittsburgh, it’s a necessity of knowing how to park anywhere. Perpendicular parking is pretty standard. Those parking spaces are at a 90-degree angle to the road. When you find an open spot to park, pull up to the spot and pass it just barely until the front of your car is centered perpendicular to the spot. Then, slowly start to turn your wheels in the direction you wish to park as you move forward until you’re fully in the space. Easy peasy!



How To Park Like A Pro In Pittsburgh: back in Parking

Nothing screams ‘I know how to park like a pro in the city’ like being able to back in!  Here’s how you do it: When you approach the parking spot, put on your turn signal and get ready to impress. Barely pass the space, then turn your wheel in the direction you want the car to go in. After, put your car in reverse and slowly pull in backwards making adjustments as you go. Once you’re all the way in, straighten your wheels and take a bow!


Hill Parking

How To Park Like A Pro In Pittsburgh: Hill Parking

If you know anything about Pittsburgh, you know there are hills. Tons of them and the chance of needing to park on a hill are very high. Here are a few tips. If you’re parked on a hill, make sure you turn your wheels the right way to keep your car from rolling. Facing uphill? Turn your wheels away from the curb. Facing downhill? Turn your wheels towards the curb.

The most important tip of them all: Don’t forget to set the parking brake!





End Note:

Learning of the park like a pro especially in a city like Pittsburgh can be extremely overwhelming, but do not fret! That is why many organizations invest in high class valet services such as PIttsburgh Valet, to ensure that everyone and every car is safely tucked away with no stress involved. 

At Pittsburgh Valet, we have mastered the art and learned how to park like a pro in Pittsburgh, so next time you have an event in the city give us a call!

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