As summer takes center stage, hot days become a prominent part of our daily activity. If you’re driving and need to park your car, you have to be extra careful, especially when it’s scorching hot outside. Even valet parking is not excluded from the hot weather. Remember that high temperatures can turn a parked car into a dangerous environment, turning items and potentially yourself at risk.   

Read our tips below on what things to not leave in a hot car. 


Things Not To Leave in a Hot Car

01. Opened Containers of Food & Drink

Most food and beverages don’t do well when kept inside in a warm environment. Leaving it exposed to heat can lead to bacterial growth, making it unsafe to consume. 

Furthermore, beverages, especially those stored in plastic bottles, can produce harmful chemicals when exposed to heat. These chemicals can contaminate the liquid, making it dangerous to drink. 

If you have food and beverages in the car and need to leave them, don’t do so for an extended time. Additionally, store them in a cooler place, away from direct sunlight, and better yet, keep them in an insulated bag that’ll help keep them fresh and last longer. 


02. Electronics

Electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets, can be damaged easily by heat. Besides the risk of battery damage, high temperatures can lead to malfunctioning of internal components, compromising the device’s overall performance. 

Even more, leaving valuables like electronics in the car increases the risk of theft. Ensure you bring your valuables to safeguard your device and car from damage and theft. 


5 Things To Not Leave In A Hot Car Blog image03. Medications 

The instruction to store medications in a cool place is not without reason. Drugs are temperature-sensitive, so extreme heat or cold can change the effectiveness of the medicines and even damage them, making them no longer safe to consume.

Therefore, it’s essential to always carry your medications and store them at an optimal temperature that isn’t too hot or cold. 


04. Cosmetics 

Cosmetic products contain chemicals that can break down when exposed to extreme temperatures. When leaving your cosmetics inside a hot car, you risk altering its properties and degrading the ingredients, making it no longer applicable. 

If you want your cosmetics to last long, be sure to put them away from direct sunlight and extreme temperature fluctuations. 


05. Aerosol Cans and Pressurized Containers

Leaving aerosol cans and pressurized containers in a hot car poses significant dangers. Many aerosol products like hairspray, air fresheners, and deodorants include flammable propellants. Now imagine exposing it to high temperatures inside a confined place like a car. The risk of fire and explosion becomes a real possibility.  

Extreme heat can also result in increased pressure within pressurized containers. When this happens, it can lead to bursting and explosions–a situation you certainly don’t want to be in.  


End Note

Hot summer days can present various hazards, particularly when it comes to parking your car. Leaving certain items inside a hot car, especially when exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures, can be dangerous. Things such as cosmetics, electronics, aerosol cans, food, and beverages are often overlooked but can pose significant risks.

Following the tips outlined in this article is essential to ensure your safety and those around you. 

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