There can be some mixed feelings when it comes to tipping your valet service. Some struggle with knowing how much to tip, others struggle with knowing when to tip and some people do not believe it is appropriate to tip at all. Today, we will walk through why tipping matters and how to navigate tipping etiquette.



Justifying valet tipping

Tipping is becoming more and more prevalent in the valet service industry. Many people in the service industry as a whole rely on tips to make up the majority of their income base. That is why it is important to tip, even the people who don’t seem to do much. 


If you think about it, you are expected to pay/ tip a babysitter for watching your kids for an evening. Well, the same train of thought applies here. Valet service members manage, park your car safely, ensure its safety throughout the night and personally escort you in and out of your vehicle before and after your event. If you are staying at a hotel, valet service members are expected to load and unload your luggage to your vehicle as well. Therefore, just like any other service job,  to tip is a common courtesy. 


How much do I tip the valet service person?

When knowing how to tip your valet service member you must consider a few things like location and quality of service. On average, professionals say that it is appropriate to tip $2-$5 for service, but if the valet attendant goes above and beyond, it is acceptable to tip up to $10. 


Another consideration in knowing how much to tip is the location of the valet. If you are arriving at a five-star luxury hotel, then the valet member is most likely expecting a higher tip. If you are arriving at the hospital, then there are most likely no expectations of tipping at all. 


When is it appropriate to tip your valet service member? 

I am sure that no valet service member will mind being tipped multiple times throughout the night, but that is not necessary. Just like checking out at a restaurant or any other time you receive a service, the tip is always expected at the end. 


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