No. Pittsburgh Valet can handle any type of event, no matter what size.

At every event
, Pittsburgh Valet makes sure there are the right number of attendants present. All of our valet attendants have extensive knowledge in the automotive industry. All of our valet attendants are also trained in customer service protocol, in order to provide you and your guests the best valet parking experience possible.
Each location and event is unique, and Pittsburgh Valet Company is always prepared to provide custom services to fit your event’s needs. Our team is trained to valet a variety of locations, including residential, commercial, restaurants, weddings, sporting facilities, parties, and so much more. Valeting prices all depends on the date, day of the week, location, and time of your event. Pittsburgh Valet prides itself on its expertise in proper planning, and will provide you with a free valet quote during initial planning.
Yes. Pittsburgh Valet can provide certificates of valet insurance upon request. Our mission is to provide you peace of mind while our attendants provide first-class valet parking services at your event.
At Pittsburgh Valet, we take customer service seriously. In order to provide outstanding service, all of our valet staff (including managers and attendants) wear uniforms with the Pittsburgh Valet logo prominently placed on all apparel. Professionalism is important, and we believe when our attendants wear uniform apparel, it shows where we set our expectations and standards. It shows that we are reputable and reliable. We want you and your guests to feel your car is in safe and secure hands with our professional team. Our valet parking attendant uniforms also help you and your guests recognize any of our team members if there are questions or additional valet parking services needed during the event.

What can I expect on the day of my event? On the day of your event, let Pittsburgh Valet take the wheel. Our team is prepared to handle the entire parking operation on event day, so you can relax and enjoy your event with peace of mind. That’s what makes us Pittsburgh’s premier valet company.