With its crisp air, breathtaking foliage, and inviting colors, fall is undoubtedly a favorite season for hosting events. But there’s one problem–with big crowds comes parking challenges. This is where a valet service is the much-needed solution to prevent the stress of securing parking spots and wasting precious time. 


Our team is here so you can enjoy the festivities. Below are some fall events where a valet comes in super handy. 


Sporting Events 

Sporting events are one of the biggest occasions that happen during the fall season. And if you’ve ever been to one, you know parking can be an absolute nightmare. Don’t let the hunt for parking steal your precious game moments! Leave the hassle to valet professionals. We’ll park your car securely while you immerse yourself in the thrill of cheering your team to victory!


Say goodbye to parking woes and hello to uninterrupted sporting actions. 



Who doesn’t want to get married during the fall? With the pleasant weather and the scenic views that fall brings, it’s no surprise autumn is the desired time to tie the knot. But as many of you who have been to a wedding know, finding parking can be a ceremony itself. A valet service will take care of your car from the moment you arrive until you’re done with the night! 


Enjoy the special evening worry-free and focus on having good moments with loved ones! 


Homecomings & Proms 

As two of the most memorable events in many young people’s lives, you certainly don’t want to ruin it with stress over a parking situation. Homecomings and proms are events where parking can be a nuisance to both students and their parents. 

A valet professional will ensure that no minutes are wasted on these cherishable events. Besides convenience, safety will be prioritized, so any of your parking worries are alleviated. 


Balls & Galas

Balls and Galas are all about dressing up and dancing your night away. You’ve invested time and effort to look your absolute best, and your night deserves to be smooth from start to finish. Enter valet professionals to help make your evening a breeze. Drop your car with us, and we’ll make sure it’s parked in the most convenient and secure spot available. When the event is done, your beloved vehicle will be there waiting for you, ready to take you home. 


Man hands keys to parking valetCorporate Events 

When it comes to corporate events, first good impression and professionalism are paramount. Imagine coming late to a corporation because of being unable to find parking or because you found a spot far away from the venue. A valet service can offer a better alternative scenario: get in there in time with a stress-free experience so that you can focus on the event and impress your colleagues and clients. 

Don’t let parking woes damper your enjoyment of the fantastic fall events! 

Leave all the hassle in the capable hands of our professional team. At Pittsburgh Valet, we offer a comprehensive package of event valet parking services, no matter how big and unique the event is! Contact us today for all your valet service needs!