Valet services provide a hassle-free solution for all your car parking needs. That being said, creating a smooth valet experience is a joint effort. Alongside the professionalism of valet operators, car owners can play their part by following etiquette and certain approaches to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Here are the 4 essential tips you can do to get the best service from valet members. Let’s get right into it! 

1. Know the Basics of Valet Etiquette

The first tip to ensure you get the best service from a valet member is to familiarize yourself with the basics of valet etiquette. This includes arriving prepared with your essential items ready to take with you. Furthermore, it’s beneficial to grasp the workings of valet parking, especially if you’re new to the process. This ensures a smooth and time-saving experience, leaving you free to enjoy your occasion.


We’d also like to point out that we fully understand the concerns with handing your keys to a stranger. However, we assure you that by choosing the right valet company, you have nothing to worry about


Our valet operators adhere to strict procedures and are well-trained to handle various car types. Remember, trusting the valet team members boosts their confidence and allows them to perform at their very best.

Woman hands key to parking valet

2. Communicate Respectfully

You’ve probably heard this many times: communication is key. This couldn’t be more true in the world of valet. Effective communication helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures you get the service you expect. Communicate everything from preferences and other special requests clearly and respectfully. Collaboration is smoother when respect is mutual. 


Moreover, it’s also important to listen actively and ask questions if anything isn’t clear. By following all the points mentioned above, you’re sure to receive the best service from valet members.


3. Tipping

Tips are a substantial part of the income for service industry workers and a way to express your appreciation for their dedication and hard work. As a valet operator, you work day in and day out, ensuring customers’ cars are parked in the best spot available and taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety of the vehicles


How much should you be tipping? The appropriate amount varies according to the quality of service and location, but on average, $2-$5 is appropriate. In higher-end venues like a five-star hotel, a higher tip is expected. And if the valet attendant goes the extra mile to enhance your experience, $10 would be greatly appreciated. 

Parking valet in suit opens car door

4. Leaving Feedback

The last crucial aspect of ensuring you receive the best service from valet members is leaving feedback. We want to hear back from you regarding the service you received and any suggestions you may have. Your feedback provides us with valuable insights into your experience and helps us identify areas for improvement.


Constructive criticism is also highly appreciated. It reinforces our team positively, motivating us to maintain and even exceed our service standards for our valued customers.


End Note

Valet service offers you convenience and a stress-free parking solution. However, your cooperation is essential to ensure you receive the best service from valet members. In addition to understanding basic valet etiquette, effective and respectful communication, tipping, and providing constructive feedback are crucial factors for receiving the service you deserve.


At Pittsburgh Valet, we are committed to providing top-notch service through our skilled and committed team of valet members. Contact us today and let our team take care of your car so you can enjoy your occasion without worries!